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Porto, October 24th, 2018

Mário Fonseca (Oker) is an artist born in Maia (Portugal). This is also the same city where he took his first steps into the graffiti world, back in 1999. Nowadays, his work is reflected in different areas: Graffiti, Street Art, Illustration, Graphic Design and Photography. The versatility is something that defines Oker´s works and projects, showing different aesthetic approaches to his pieces.

Visually, it’s a breath of fresh air. It all starts in the colourful letters of graffiti and goes through illustration with organic lines and animated characters. For what is more, combining abstract shapes and textures is what gives a clean look to his compositions.

The concept

Oker likes having his fingers dabbed in a lot of pies. From basic lettering graffiti to illustration, street art, graphic design and even photography, he does it all. His style has changed a lot over the past 10 years. Furthermore, he realised he doesn’t like the confinements of a narrow path, but would rather have the freedom of multipotentiality.

‘Just Play & Have Fun’ is the result of months of work and experimentation with a lot of aesthetics, materials and concepts. This is his first solo exhibition, thus a giant leap in his artistic career. Through this show he wants to highlight his true self and emphasize on the fact you can change and adapt, you don’t choose just one thing and you can do it all.

The art

Oker felt a great responsibility as this was his first solo exhibition. Thus, he wanted to create works of art with quality and surprise to those who were already following his career. His art shows a fresh language with visual influences that make us go back to the 80’s. He develops abstract patterns inspired by sporty coats, contrasting pastel tones with bright colours, fun characters with urban textures, vector forms with crude and primary shapes and compositions with collages. Furthermore, his art highlights social messages and uses the representation and appreciation of women, as a source of inspiration.

The techniques used in this exhibition are collages on paper and painting on canvas, using materials and styles explored during his artistic journey. Spray, acrylic paint, solidified paint, airbrush, markers, cement and others are some of the materials used. He has as many painting styles as graffiti, illustration and abstract drawing.

If we’ve picked your curiosity and you want to see everything live, attend the exhibition opening on Saturday, Oct. 27th from 16h00 at Circus Network.