Ana Muska

Co-Founder, Designer and Art Director

André Carvalho

Co-Founder, Producer and Marketeer

About us

Circus Network, now a creative agency, art gallery and co-work space, started off as a crazy collaboration between Ana Muska and André Carvalho, back in 2012. The cultural hub aims to promote Portuguese talent, with a special emphasis on street art and illustration. In 2015 they reached an important milestone and opened up a shop right at the heart of Porto’s art district, in Rua do Rosário, 54. Consequently, they started focusing all their efforts on promoting events and exhibitions of the best and brightest artists in the city.

What makes them truly stand out are the collective exhibitions and shows, through which they bring together artists from all over Portugal. The latest exhibition, ‘100 Dollar Bills Y’all’, gathered 100 different artists in an attempt to depict the controversial idea of wealth and the struggle the up and coming artists face nowadays, thus opening their doors to Europe and beyond.

Artistas da Circus Network

Pedro Podre




Low Class Club

Lara Luís

Kruella D’Enfer



The Caver

Andy Calabozo

Bruno Albuquerque