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Can of Worms – 45RPM Solo Show

By April 26, 2019 No Comments

45 RPM

Porto, February 2019

45RPM is celebrating his 20th anniversary as a graffiti artist and, during this time, he developed an unique style that makes him a very strong name in the street art scene. He’s a multi-disciplinary artist and designer from Bristol who has his painty fingers dabbed in many creative pies. He specializes in graffiti, graphic design and illustration, but dabbles in anything creative that is thrown his way, no matter how big or how small. He has worked for an eclectic range of clients, from well known commercial corporations like Nike and Adidas to small start-ups and individuals. 45RPM enjoys working one to one with clients to produce clean crafted artwork, designs and branding, across many platforms. Most of his days are spent in his studio in the heart of Bristol, but he also travels and works in many other cities, always wanting to take his work to as many places possible. He has worked around the globe, and has been published in many books including Thames&Hudson’s best selling “Street Sketchbooks”. From billboards to planes, there’s not much he hasn’t painted.

Can of Worms

“Open a Can of Worms” is an expression used to explain a situation that, once started, is likely to become problematic or have a negative outcome. “Can of Worms” is the title of 45RPM’s exhibition happening on Circus Network, that invites the attendees to enter his messy mind, his own “Can of Worms”, through different kinds of artworks and technics. The opening will take place on the 23rd of February and will have 45RPM himself, who will be in Porto during a week to present his work.

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